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Samsung Units

Samsung Wall Split Maldives 12000 Btu/hr Inverter

  • Eco-friendly R410A Gas.
  • Samsung Smart Saver Technology.
  • Advanced Inverter technology saves up to 40% on electricity
  • Attractive matt-white finish harmonises with any decor.
  • 4 models from 9000 Btu/h to 24 000 Btu/hr.
  • Cooling and Heating.
  • Good Sleep Mode.
  • HD Filter with Anti-Bacterial Coating.
  • For areas up to 25 m².
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Maldives Inverters’ proven Samsung Quality!

Samsung Maldives Inverter

  • Sleek new silhouette
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Heating/cooling
  • Smart Saver
  • Good sleep mode
  • Anti corrosion fin
  • Turbo cooling

Samsung Boracay Price

  • Samsung Wall Split Wind Free 12000 Btu/hr Inverter
  • Model AR12MSPX
  • The latest cutting-edge technology from Samsung: a draught-free midwall split airconditioner!
  • Cool air is gently dispersed through 21 000 micro air holes, so you enjoy an effective level of coolness without a direct blast of air
  • Eco-friendly R410A Gas.
  • Samsung Smart Saver Technology.
  • Saves up to 68% of energy thanks to Samsung’s Digital Inverter 8-Pole Inverter technology
  • Energy Efficiency Class (cooling): A/A++
  • Ultra-Wide Filter covers 100% of the air inlet, reducing over 99% of ultrafine dust, while an Easy   Filter captures dangerous Contaminants and allergens.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Attractive white finish harmonises with any decor.
  • Cooling and Heating.
  • Good Sleep Mode.
  • For areas up to 24 m².
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Proven Samsung Quality!

What is Wind-Free™ Technology?

Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner system uses 21,000 micro-holes to gently spread air evenly throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable level of coolness without any draft.

Samsung Wind Free Inverter Price

LG Units

  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • 70% Energy Saving
  • Faster Cooling and Heating
  • Low Noise
  • Active Energy Control

LG Dual Cool Inverter Price

Key Features
  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • 60% Energy Saving
  • Faster Cooling & Heating
  • Ionizer Air Purification
  • SmartThinQ Wi-Fi Equipped

LG Artcool Dual Inverter Price

Alliance Units

  • Four models 9000 to 24 000 Btu/h
  • Single phase
  • Heating/cooling
  • EERs from 3.08 to 3.21
  • COPs up to 3.39
  • Indoor airflow up to 1000m3h
  • For room sizes from 12m2 to 42m2

Alliance Alaskan Midwall Non-Inverter Price

  • Sleek new design with hidden LED temperature display
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to advanced
    Alliance Inverter technology
  • Heating and cooling
  • 4 models from 9000 to 24 000 Btu/h
  • Suitable from areas from 18m2 to 43 m

Alliance Arctic Midwall Inverter Price

  • A reflection of sheer class!
  • 3 models: 3.5, 5.2 and 7 kW, all single-phase
  • Inverter economy: EER 3.2, COP up to 3.61
  • Alliance quality, competitive pricing

Alliance Inverter Pro Midwall Price

The NEW Neocool midwall split by Alliance is an atttactive unit in any space.

With high cooling and heating capacities, as well as an EER of 3.19 and COP of

3.52, this midwall split is suitable for climate control of large indoor areas. A

low indoor noise level of 41.7 dB(A) (on low setting) ensures exceptional

quietness of operation.

  • – Available from 9000-24000btu
  • – Fixed speed non-inverter unit
  • – White finish with silver strip
  • – Timer

Neo Cool Non Inverter

Jet-Air Units


Jetair Smart Wi-Fi Non-Inverter Price List



Jet-Air Smart Wi-Fi Inverter price

  • Innovative switcher power design ensures only 0.5w standby and wider voltage of PCB between 85v~265v
  • Upon power is resumed after power failure. the units in the whole building will not be restarted at the same time to avoid impact of electricity net (suitable for engineering project)
  • Effective sterilization with more than 90% of bacteria killed odour removal. Air Nutrition improvement with more negative oxygen ions

Jet-Air Q Series Inverter

  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Auto Clean
  • Intelligent Auto Restart
  • Hidden Display

Jet- Air Amber Mirror Non-Inverter Price

Price Includes:

Aircon Sizes

Determine the correct size of room is important to choose the correct size air-conditioning unit.

Room Size (m²) Air-con size required (btu)
16m²9 000btu
24m²12 000btu
35m²18 000btu
50m²24 000btu
60m²30 000btu
70m²36 000btu


The following air conditioning units do not need a separate power supply and can be plugged into a wall socket:

Room size of up to 16m² = 9 000 BTU (2.6Kw)

Room size 17m² – 24m² = 12 000 BTU (3.5Kw)

Room size 25m² – 35m² = 18 000 BTU (5.3Kw)

The Following Air Conditioning Units Need A Separate Power Supply To Be Installed To Which The Unit Must Be Connected Directly:

Room size 36m² – 50m² = 24 000 BTU (7.0Kw)

Room size 51m² – 60m² = 30 000 BTU (8.8Kw)

Room size 61m² – 70m² = 36 000 BTU (10.55Kw)

Aircon Service price list

MAJOR AIRCON SERVICE(gas inclusive): 

1 unit @ R 300 per unit

2-8 units @ R 280 per unit

9+ units @ R 250 per unit (No Call out fee)

R 350 call out fee


R22A – R 300.00 per/kg

R410A – R 350.00 per/kg 


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